Age: Unknown
Gender: Foal/Colt/Stallion
Species: Tenebrae
Orientation: Straight
Relationship: Single
Alignment: Neutral
Residence: Everfree Forest
Cutie Mark: Sorrow's Mask
Special Talent: Inquisitor
Powers: Amorphous Shadow
Weakness: Radiant Energy


Periodically, disturbed ponies stumble forth from the Everfree Forest with twisted tales of an ethereal nightmare incarnate...skulking amongst the very shadows. An ever enigmatic entity of whom has existed amongst but whispers spread via those presumed touched by Discord, and yet...this darkened stallion is anything but mere fabrication.

The terrible truth lies within an atrocious act committed long ago, when the emotional essence of the dead and dying had been siphoned forth so that it might coalesce into that of which is known only as Veil. For those responsible, a fate worst than death had befallen them...their minds shattered until the slightest touch upon those furred frames brought not but screams of utter horror.


(Nightmares are the name in which I prefer.)

Creatures of darkness, they have come to be called, are ponies of whom were called forth through the most profane of magic forbidden since ancient times. The product of the dead's coalesced pain, anguish, an unbridled fear...they're creatures of which aren't to be trifled with. Few of whom summon these nightmares are capable of taking control, and find themselves instead at their mercy...of which they sadly lack upon having first been spawned. Amorphous shadow, imbued with wanton urges of the most wicked of whims, they are sociopaths with an adoration towards instilling the same emotions in which gave birth to their very existence.

Cutie Mark:

A porcelain mask with an almost sinister smile spread wide as ebony tears of ichor trickle forth from those abyssal hues. An Anemone flower resides upon the forehead of this mask, etched into the surface. This mark symbolizes his cryptic and alluring nature, whilst simultaneously representing the lonely existence in which he's fated to endure. However, one could also argue that such represents that in which he inflicts on others...what with the tears being their pain and flower emotional trauma bestowed by torture.

Special Talent:

Quite the malicious manipulator, picking apart ponies is something of which Veil excels it within the physical sense, or psychologically speaking. An uncanny ability to prey upon the weaknesses of others gives this nightmare an in depth understanding of one's psyche...capable of ascertaining the intricate inner workings of one's mind as though it were but a mere parlor trick. Whether it be to corrupt, enthrall, or simply tear free some dirty little secret, this fiendish stallion has little difficulty slithering right on into those inner most thoughts.


(All Tenebrae/Nightmare can perform the following)

Primarily, these abyssal ponies possess abilities in which focus around their amorphous nature. They're but shadows, capable of becoming tangible upon a whim and thus immune to physical harm...while simultaneously capable of some rather horrific alterations to form. For example, the opening of one's maw to reveal grasping arms outstretched towards their prey, even with humanoid hands, would be but an easy task. Despite this, they're not shape shifters...incapable of assuming the form of others.

Other Abilities:

(All Tenebrae/Nightmare can perform the following)

  • Tenebrae are capable of possessing the dead, flowing into their lifeless corpses to work them like puppets. This, however, can't be performed upon corpses of which have degraded into mere skeletons. Injuries and degradation of the husk shall reflect within the puppet's movements.
  • Tenebrae are capable of possessing the living, however...they must first enthrall these individuals and corrupt them to a point in which they consent. They can then begin the process of taking complete control of their prey, influencing their thoughts from the inside. This process takes time, the shadow whispering within whilst manipulating the pony of whom they possess...until the taint has become so strong that they can assert full control.

Both these acts are performed by rendering themselves intangible shadow, and then flowing forth into the mouth of said victim...tis a kiss you won't soon forget.


(All Tenebrae/Nightmare suffer the following)

While immune to physical harm, magical inflictions of a radiant nature are another matter entirely. There are plethora of ways in which these darkened ponies can be warded off, or even injured, when it comes to the mystical ways of magic. While simply an annoyance, sunlight poses no significant threat...but an adept magician of whom utilizes an intensely focused beam of light could potentially leave these creatures writhing in as much agony as they seek to bestow. Still, as with most things of a spiritual nature...with age comes power.

About the Concept:

Well, it wasn't my intention to get caught up in the whole "My Little Pony" craze in which seems to have consumed countless artists, but I stumbled upon a role playing room and found myself making an OC anyway. So, here's Veil.

I used a stock imagine of an Alicorn diagram, removing the wings and horn then coloring the entire thing in. I then added the duel mane, tail, tufts of fur, so on and so forth... The white mask-like visage is, infact, a white fur marking that simply looks like a mask...and as you can see, his eyes are completely black save for those white equine pupils.

All in all, I went for a very creepy look, but there's only so much one can do with MSPaint. If anyone is interested in doing some fanart, feel free...I'd love to see what superior artists could do with the concept. You can reach me at to share anything you might work up.

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