Kind Sphinx/Ram Hybrid
Sex Male
Occupation Farmer
Eyes Grey
Mane White
Coat Cyan
Cutie mark
Owner Gingalover

Vinrod is a Sphinx/Ram Hybrid that is the main protagonist of Lunaria Borealis, a story hosted on FIMfiction.


Vinrod is rather tall, slightly omnivorous creature, about a few feet taller than an average pony. He is a hybrid between a ram (from his father's side) and a sphinx (from his mother's side), the stripes coming from his grandmother, at least he claims to do so. His feet were a mix from Sphinx paws and Ram hooves, showing three toed feet. He possesses a set of ram horns on his human-like head.


Vinrod was born in the town known as Curchcolt, a run down town known for farming. He lived for his life alone, his parents leaving him at an early age. Through his time, he'd been growing bluegrass and selling that and bluegrain in Curchcolt until he decided to leave for Appaloosa, joined by his friends.



Vinrod is pretty good friends with Seven, although admittedly he was a bit suspicious over the Changling at first. After a few weeks since meeting Seven, he became better behaved with him.


Vinrod was more sympathetic towards Tal soon after meeting her, and accepted her into his group rather quickly.

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