Werepire Ponies are a hybrid that is a cross between a werepony and a vampire pony.
Demetri Werepire

Demetri in Werepire form


Werepires are a rare hybrid that can only be created when a vampire and a werepony bite an none inflicted pony. Wereponies can not be born but must be created. Werepires show different traits from there werepony sirer and vanpire sirer. Natural by nature, werepires usually hide themselves in the shadows and avoid contract from others, due to fear from the harsh treatment werepires experience. Due to their rareness, werepires generally are seen alone, vampires and wereponies often drive off werepires from the colony/pack.

Werepires can come in any color, because any pony can be born in any color, coloration does not change with transformed. However at night their eyes usually glow yellow-orange when light is reflected off of them. Werepires, like vampires, have fang, however in some cased, werepires may have double fangs or even thriple! Unlike vampires, werepires have an onmivore diet and prefer to hunt small game such as rabbits and birds in the wilds. Wereponies can be any race of pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth Pony. However none pegusi werepires have bat like wings, unless their werepony sirer was of a werebird. The wings are temporary and can be sheath back into the body at will, thus a werepires do not count as Alicorns if the werepire is that of the Unicorn race.

Like their vampire counterpart, werepires can preform basic magic, nothing as advance as a unicorn, unless originally a unicorn. Like their werepony counterpart, werepires prosess the ability to tranform into a beast form similar to a werepony, however they have bat like ears and lack claws, because a horse's hoof is basically one big nail. While in beast form, werepires are weak against the light of the sun and silver, however in reverted form, werepires can tolerate the sun a little better but still instictively avoid the light.


Werepires have also been considered an oddity and sometimes a disgrace to vampire/were kind. During the Wars that took place in the Dark Ages, werepires were receated to help strenghten the Natural Forces. However after the wars, werepires were cast out of their groups and dispersed off into the wilds. Several small clans of werepires can be found in the Frozen North.

Known Werepires

A list of all known werepire ponies.

Demetri Silvermoon


  • Werepires are sometimes called Vampwolves. However the word werepire also refers to other were breeds such as werecats/vampires and werebears/vampire hybrids.
  • Aniju keeps a werepire named Nightmare as a pet.  

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