White Lightning

Earth Pony White Lightning

White Lightning, Earth Pony, Female

White Lightning and her sister Moon Shine are Earth Ponies that live near Ponyville. Both are members of the large Corn family of Ponyville Earth ponies. White Lighning and Moon Shine are seldem seen in Ponyville's market place selling their produce with the other farming ponies. If you do encounter them in Ponyville they are most likely buying yet more pottery jugs from Muddy Hooves the Ponyville town potter or stocking up on copper pots and copper tubing at Bits and Bites' hardware store.

Cutie Mark

White Lighning's cutie mark is a White Thunderbolt.
QM White Lightning

White Lightning's Thunderbolt cutie mark


Think Appljack's country pony accent, with Rainbow Dash's thrill seeking fearlessness.

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