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White Reindeer


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The White Reindeer (also known as the Hearth Father in the country of Trottingham) is a conceptual character for Christmas specials. He is planned to be a Ponytale character but he is very much desired to be canon of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.


The ancient story state he is supposedly as powerful and regal as Princess Celestia of Equestria and that once a year on the night of Hearth's Warming Eve (pony-Christmas Eve) he will pull a chariot around the world carrying a huge bag of wrapped gifts and deliver these presents to all the good ponies all in one night. He is guided by The Fire of Friendship on his world journey. Since the idea of anypony (especially non-pony) being as powerful as a princess is unlikely and that nopony has actually seen the White Reindeer, he is considered no more than a myth to be told to foals.

He has alicorn wings for flight and while he may not have an alicorn horn, he is still capable of powerful magic with his antlers instead. With flight and magic he is capable of delivering gifts to all ponies of Equestria (or all the world) all in a single night.

His home is said to be located somewhere beyond Mount Everhoof in the unknown north. During the time of Hearth's Warming the stars go to the White Reindeer where they take forms simular to lumas and serve as the White Reindeer's "Little Helpers". By White Reindeer's magic they make toys and dreams come true for Hearth's Warming. Once Hearth's Warming has passed the stars return to the night sky. It is by these stars the White Reindeer knows what ponies hope and desire for Hearth's Warming and if they have been naughty or nice.

In Ponytale

Pinkie Pie still believes in the White Reindeer despite him being only a Hearth's Warming tale for foals during Hearth's Warming. Twilight even telling her there has been no proof of a white reindeer of great magic and wings who can deliver presents to everypony in a single night. With only Epic Mount who wants to believe, Pinkie and Epic go on an adventure to the Crystal Mountains in hopes to find the White Reindeer's grotto.


Up on Princess Luna's star lit sky,
throughout the year they listen and see.
They are the Wishing Stars that shine and fly,
for all the good ponies.

During the time all hearths are warm,
the stars will decent and fly to the north.
Beyond the ice and snowy storm,
they will decent and go so forth.

Flying over the Crystal Mountains,
a secret grotto is here.
A castle of pine and evergreen,
it is the home of the White Reindeer.

He stands tall with coat white as snow,
with wings grand and regal.
His antlers strong and mystical glow,
rear with silver snow symbol.

The White Reindeer waits for this seasonal greeting,
his friends he missed and dear.
The occasions miraculous meeting,
to bring Equestria cheer.

With the magic of his antlers,
With the stars full of belief,
Comes the creation of the gifts,
To present to all ponies.

Toys and games for ponies to play,
To wish them happiness to come what may.
With magic of stars and of White Reindeer,
To creation of gifts to those hold dear.

And on the night of Hearth's Warming Eve,
He prepares his chariot for his leave.
Loads the carrier of all the gifts,
The nights cold wind granting him lift.

He ascends to that star lit sky,
Across Equestria he will fly.
Over to homes of ponies young and old,
With wings open wide and spirit so bold.

The Fire of Friendship that burns so bright,
leads his path throughout the night.
Deliver his gifts before the morning,
So ponies may play on the day of Hearth Warming.

As the night have past he returns to the North,
Alone in his frozen domain.
His star friends scattered across the sky,
Until Hearth's Warming comes again.

So bronies enjoy my story,
I hope I have told it right.
Happy Hearthwarming our ponies
Merry Christmas to all and all a goodnight.


Other Info

  • He is made to be the MLP:FiM version of Father Christmas/Santa Claus, as to oppose human characters in the cartoon. Dell Dwellers also replace the humanoid elves that assist Santa. The Moochick being the head Dell Dweller that assists the White Reindeer in converting wishing stars into gifts.
    • However, they maybe replaced with less human like elves or perhaps the wishing stars will be sentient and assist the White Reindeer.
  • He is a reindeer because they are the traditional animals that pulls Santa's sleigh.
  • As reindeer have their mane on their necks instead of down the back of thier heads like ponies, his white fur and mane suppose to resemble Santa Claus white hair and beard.
  • In mythology there is a creature that is a winged deer, it is known as the Peryton.

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