Whithershire is my fan made area where all my main OC's live and grew up.

People are free to say their ponies live in Whithershire with out cred, just don't clame :/ If Hasbro already have it then let me know, I've just not seen or herd it mentioned and made it up on the spot when writting Candy's ref.

You are free to add your ponies to the citizen list, just no badies like changelings ect. 

What it looks like...

Whithershire is a small town with stones and bricks. (rough drawing coming soon) It has a huge foutain at the centre and many different shops like tattoo parlors, candy stores, comic shops, bakery, barbour shops you name it. There is a Whithershire school for fillys and colts, it specialises in the main three pony species, griffons to. Each species has their own lessons. 

Every christmas a huge christmas tree is placed in the centre by the fountain and ponies put one decoration on there each and sing some carols. At easter they hold a huge dinner outside by the foutain where there's lotsof food and sweets and chocolate.

It is one train ride away from Ponyville to the West. It is also walkable.


- Candy Bacon (my mane 6)

- Burger Twist (my mane 6)

- Cherry Leopard - Beer Rocker - Orange Sun

- Artyskull (my anti-mane 6)

-Ultimaleone (my anti-mane 6)

-Binky Bow (my mane 6)

-Sweet Sentiment (my mane 6)

- Pumpkin Pip (my mane 6)

- Twinkle Heart (my mane 6)

- Hammer (my anti-mane 6)

- Dubley (my anti-mane 6)

- Ember Glow (my anti-mane 6)

- Raven (my anti-mane 6)

- Lemondrop Lolliepop 



-Notty the bat

-Speckled Pear and her pear family




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