Winter Rush is a Pegasus pony from Baltimare, Equestria. He never normally goes anywhere without his trusty Pancor Jackhammer MK3A1 Shotgun and has travelled through many dimensions via a Dimensional Portal Gun he aquired from an unknown laboratory in the human world, after being captured and imprisoned there (though did escape and was presented with a gift from Princess Celestia after helping the other ponies escape.)

Winter Rush
Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Eyes Teal
Mane Blue/Purple and Dark Blue/Purple
Coat Medium Sky Blue
Nicknames Rush
Relatives None known (Adopted)
Cutie mark
None (as of yet)
Owner User: Complexeption


He enjoys science, mainly nuclear physics and similarly themed subjects and just likes to hang out with Minuette and his 'sister' Rainbow Dash. He has a fear of blood and needles. He created a machine to help him prevent crimes from happening in his hometown of Baltimare.


At the age of 2, he was brought into Ponyville Orphanage. He made two friends there, however they were adopted a couple of years later. He was described as a 'nerd' due to his love of science and complex calculations. He was bullied by many of the ponies there, though the staff did look after him. At the age of 10, he was adopted by Rainbow Dash's parents. He calls Rainbow Dash his sister, even though by blood she isn't, though they both like to believe that they are from the same family.

He is in a relationship with Minuette to date. In the future, they have two kids, a pegasus filly, Snowbell, and a unicorn colt, Blizzard.

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