Robotnik by giantmosquito-d4bf51z

Worker in his natural habitat.

Physical Description

With a cream coat, his ever-present spectacles, and a mane and tail composed of a shock of bright orange, Worker's physical features are lanky and his gait a little less refined than most unicorns. Still, when he focuses, he's just as precise and exacting as the rest of his kin.

Cutie Mark


Worker's Cutie Mark

A bright white egg, cracked, with a golden gear emerging. It means a number of things to Worker, but some lessons come harder than others.


Originally hailing from Earth by way of Mobius, Worker's endeavours in Paso Fino have not gone without notice. From a sudden conversion, to general acceptance, and eventually standing firm before the Royal Court, Worker has worked hard to redeem himself. Perhaps one day, he'll even believe it's possible.

Official Records

Worker's exploits have been recorded in an unintentional autobiographical effort , as well as a short biography by the Royal Scribe. Later tales of his journeys in Equestria can be found here. Additional stories of Paso Fino have also been relayed.

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