Yap Trap
Yap Trap
Yap Trap
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Occupation Horse Shoe Shiner
Street Squealer
Eyes Dark Gray
Mane Medium Gray
Coat Strong Amber
Cutie mark
Voice Jillian Michaels
Owner User:Otherside86
Yap Trap is a snitch that helps the ponies from time-to-time.


Yap Trap is a horse shoe shining colt that just moved to Ponyville. In his spare time, he likes to snoop around.

Yap Trap sees and hears things other ponies can't. They come to him your information he gets off the street. He communicates with rodents, like Fluttershy, to spy in place he can't get to. If the information is "juicy", he persuades them to pay him bits for it.

My Noble Steeds: Friendship is Might

Yap Trap acts as Little Valor's informant.

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