Zora the Stargazing Pegasus
Zora the Stargazer
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Stargazing and creating art
Eyes Bright pink
Mane Multiple colours, from pale turquoise to dark blue
Coat Pale blue
Nicknames Zorie
Relatives Unknown
Personality Cheerful and imaginative, but sometimes too much and it seems she's not in the place she is, especially when she talks about the stars. Beware, she can get irritated easily!
Home Crystalwater Cavern
Owner User:StargazingZora

Zora is a young female Pegasus who was born in Crystalwater Cavern, a small cave nearby a quiet place called Hazel Hollow, hidden away in the Silver Forests. Her best friend is a dragon named Eicley, but she has other best friends.


Zora is pale blue with some darker markings above her hooves. Her mane and tail are both multicolured and they are hard to keep straight, they just flow and whip around her as she moves. Her cutie mark is a constellation of four stars, shaped a bit like a tilted square.


  • Singing
  • Identifying stars and planets
  • Flying
  • She's known to pop up in a different place when you turn your head around.

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